Fashion Show - Fashion in Rome: Towards a sustainable future

Sofia wore a dress made by Blessing, who is from Nigeria. Blessing has four young children, whom she is raising alone. By working with KORE she was able to acquire the tools to support her family: she found a house to rent and is getting her driving license.

Lucrezia wore a dress made by Dariya, who comes from Ukraine and arrived in Italy due to the war.

Giulia wore a dress made by Noor, who comes from Pakistan. Noor studied fashion in her home country, then went on to specialize in London. Now that she is in Italy she is pursuing her dream of becoming a professional pattern maker.

These are some of the stories with happy endings behind the clothes that were shown last Sunday 17 September during the event Fashion in Rome: Towards a sustainable future , curated by Arianna from Dress ECOde, within the first edition of the Rome Future Week. KORE chose to present its upcycling collection, in line with the setting in which the event was hosted, the Bullicante Lake park of the former Snia, a viscose factory dismissed since years. Upcycling means reusing waste products or materials to create new, higher quality garments. It means, in fact, working with a focus on environmental sustainability, one of the fundamental values of KORE.

This result would not have been possible without the girls of Prime Minister, political school for young women, who walked the catwalk embracing the same beliefs of the social tailoring. In addition to them, KORE thanks the other sartorial companies with which it shared this experience: Biclotdesign, Portatelovunque and Earthncycle. Finally, thanks again to the organization of Dress ECOde and the hospitality of Lake Bullicante. Together we know that we can make a difference through smarter and more responsible consumer choices!