KORE, a shop inside the Mediaset studios

KORE BIOSHOP Natura e Benessere is the shop that KORE has kept active until 31 December 2022, thanks to the collaboration with INTERSOS, NaturaSì and Fondazione Corte Delle Madri.

Inside the Mediaset studios in Rome, KORE has integrated its services with a small shop, an example of positive social integration. Organic fruit, vegetables and food products at zero km, herbal medicine, make-up, personal care, supplements, nutritional and beauty consultancy and green clothing from the OSO Inclusive ethical dressing brand. Each product was designed taking into account the "right price", work and respect for the Earth.

The KORE BIOSHOP represented another opportunity to support political work to fight inequalities and the increasing in social conflict. An ethical workshop, a job reintegration project, a zero-kilometre service and a small shop as a ground for social change: all this summarizes the principles and values with which KORE is committed to working every day.

Today the bioshop is no longer active, but in its place there is no shortage of other opportunities to open KORE to new customers through the temporary stores at Mediaset in Milan and Rome. We have already been guests numerous times in the television studios in recent months: in July, in September, and in October you found us in the municipality of Cologno Monzese and in via Tiburtina 1361 in the capital city.

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Buy a piece of our social project and support KORE's job placements: you will have an ethical, quality, unique product, Made with Love!