KORE in Herba: second edition!

Not just tailoring: KORE has wonderful news regarding its agricultural activities! After the enthusiasm with which it was welcomed last year, KORE has decided to expand its “KORE in Herba” project with a second edition.

It will be an agriculture course structured on technical and practical training, on the cultivation and transformation of medicinal plants. The course, free of charge, is addressed to 12 women wishing to work in the herbal and agricultural sector; the aim is to promote inclusion and socio-economic integration in the social fabric. Students will be able to create a personal tool bag that can be used throughout their career.

To activate this, we have thought of a path in 7 modules, distributed between frontal lessons - on Thursday mornings from 9.00 to 13.00 - and practice meetings on the field , once a week. The course will be conducted by an expert teacher and an educational tutor, for a duration of 4 months, starting from February 29th .

For the theoretical part, the lessons will take place in the INTERSOS24 safe space, in Via di Torre Spaccata, 157 (RM); for the practical one, in the agricultural fields of KORE in Via della Tenuta della Mistica snc. KORE in fact has 2 hectares of land, dedicated to the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants for the production of herbal teas and an educational garden for the promotion of recreational-educational activities with children.

At the end of the training course, the participants will be selected for a training internship at KORE srl . Social enterprise. All participants will be supported by the INTERSOS24 Career Guidance Desk through monitoring, drafting or reviewing a CV and active research within the network of virtuous partner companies.

Read the requirements and the program in detail in the announcement and apply via e-mail with a short presentation and your Curriculum Vitae by writing to formazione@kore.bio by February 20th !