Valentine's Day Special: A gift made with love with Winter Herbal Tea

If you are looking for a gift made with love to surprise a special person on Valentine's Day , today we offer you KORE's organic Winter Herbal Tea .

This blend is obtained from whole hibiscus flowers, which give it its ruby red color, cinnamon, carnation and sweet orange peel , which give it its spicy and enveloping scent. Finally, marigold flowers, perfect for warming your body and soul on the coldest days.

Hibiscus is a plant native to India and cultivated in different areas of the world. Its purple-red flowers give the herbal tea a sour flavor and a red color.

Cinnamon is obtained from the dried bark of trees belonging to the Lauraceae family. Its peculiarity lies in the sweet and spicy flavor at the same time, which makes the aroma so typically spicy.

Cloves are seeds that are used a lot in the kitchen for various dishes, the floral buds are used. They are well known for their strong flavoring power and are available all year round. In reality, cloves are not extracted from clove flowers, but from a plant called “Eugenia caryophyllata”, which has Middle Eastern origins.

Marigold is a medicinal plant that grows in groups, is resistant to bad weather and can be recognized by its bright shades of yellow, orange and red. This plant not only has a relaxing effect, but can also be taken as an alternative to tea or coffee due to its delicate and slightly bitter flavor.

On the day of love, choose KORE and make an extended gesture of love: our herbal teas support sustainable agriculture and job placement   of people who come from situations of vulnerability and social exclusion.