KORE takes part in the Metropolitan Roundtable of Coexistence in Rome

On 6 March 2024 KORE will participate in the Metropolitan Coexistence Roundtable on the topic "Immigration and Work Training: an opportunity for the development of the metropolitan area".

Established on 18 October 2023, the Metropolitan Table of Coexistence represent a platform for dialogue and co-planning at a local level to discuss various important macro-themes including healthcare; education and culture; work and right to live; sport; communication; women's rights, etc. The ultimate aim of this series of meetings is to start a path to promote the value of cultural pluralism and, in turn, to contrast the negative perception of migrants as a threat.

In particular, the meeting on 6 March will focus on active job placement policies and the promotion of services for the socio-economic inclusion of migrant people in the Roman territory.

Elisa Vergnani , coordinator of the activities of the KORE project created by INTERSOS, will present the ongoing projects, the virtuous experiences and the objectives achieved so far by KORE Impresa Sociale, and will also explain the mission of the start-up, which aims to strengthen inclusion procedures for the employment of the most vulnerable people, in particular migrant women present in the Roman territory, and the fight against the lack of regularization which leads to labor exploitation.