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diversity_2For your environmental and social sustainability, Kore promotes customized collaborations to devise projects with a high social impact. Order a company product, uniforms for collaborators, organise events dedicated to the company. Contact us and we will co-design together!

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volunteer_activismIBAN: IT70 A030 6909 6061 0000 0184 545
Bank transfer to: KORE S.R.L. IMPRESA SOCIALE
and help us create a protected job placement in our social enterprise.

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campaignDo you want to tell about our project, become a promoter or spokesperson, support an ethical company and an emergent brand that wants to go far? Kore will be glad to promote collaborations and social campaigns with those who share our social and environmental values.

For the most important moments of your life

favoriteEntrust the Kore tailor’s shop to create wedding favors, gifts, personalized items, gifts to teachers; we will think about it together and ship them wherever you want. You will have an ethical and unique quality product, Made with Love!

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shopping_cartAll the products that you will find in our e-commerce are entirely handmade, produced in Italy, with attention to the value of those who produce them, for the fair price and at every step of the production chain.

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forkliftAware of the ethical weight of reuse and recycling, after careful selection of the proposed materials, we receive donations in line with our project (fabrics, textile waste, machinery, trimmings).